The Flash

December 2017

Don't Run (Season 4, Episode 9)

3.0 8 x
Amunet kidnaps Caitlin and puts meta-dampener handcuffs on her to keep her from turning into Killer Frost.
November 2017

Crisis on Earth-X, Part Three (Season 4, Episode 8)

4.0 7 x
Barry and Iris’s wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony.

Therefore I Am (Season 4, Episode 7)

3.0 13 x
Therefore I Am (Season 4, Episode 7) of the TV-show The Flash was broadcast by The CW on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 3:31AM.

When Harry Met Harry... (Season 4, Episode 6)

4.0 10 x
When collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta named Mina Chayton who can bring inanimate objects to life, Barry turns to a surprising ally for help.

Elongated Journey Into Night (Season 4, Episode 4)

4.0 5 x
Cisco is shocked when Gypsy’s father, Breacher, shows up on Earth-1.

Girls Night Out (Season 4, Episode 5)

4.0 7 x
Having received an ominous threat from her old boss, Amunet, Caitlin fears that her past time as Killer Frost may be back to haunt her.

Luck Be a Lady (Season 4, Episode 3)

3.0 2 x
Barry and the team are hit by a string of bad luck and realize it is the handiwork of a new meta, Becky nicknamed Hazard, who has the ability to give others bad luck.
October 2017

Mixed Signals (Season 4, Episode 2)

3.0 11 x
Barry has his hands full when he takes on a dangerous meta who can control technology, while also confronting an obstacle in his personal life.

Reborn (Season 4, Episode 1)

4.0 15 x
With Barry in the speed force, Iris, Kid Flash, Joe and Vibe have taken over protecting Central City.

Infantino Street (Season 3, Episode 22)

3.0 2 x
With only 24 hours left until Savitar murders Iris, Barry struggles to save the woman he loves and makes the choice to use any means necessary to do so.