The Following

May 2015

The Reckoning

3.0 32 x
No one is safe as suspicions rise, alliances are shaken, and Ryan Hardy makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Dead or Alive

3.0 45 x
The FBI hunt for Theo continues and the stakes are higher than ever as some of their own come under attack.

A Simple Trade

3.0 28 x
A deadly deal is made, but things don’t go as planned, and Ryan makes a decision for his future.

The Edge

3.0 23 x
An increasingly reckless Ryan continues his search for Theo, as Mark and Daisy discover information that leads them closer to the FBI than ever and puts Mike in a dangerous situation.


3.0 31 x
The investigation leads the team to a dangerous serial killer linked to Theo.
April 2015


3.0 74 x
With Joe Carroll’s execution day upon them, the team remains on edge, expecting that he won’t go easily.

Kill The Messenger

3.0 62 x
Ryan finds himself being tracked by the new killer and a game of cat-and-mouse begins, leading them both back to Joe Carroll... for different reasons.

Flesh & Blood

3.0 59 x
The FBI closes in on a suspect whom they believe to be the culprit behind the latest murders, but Ryan believes the killer is still out there.

The Hunt

3.0 31 x
With only a few days before Joe Carroll’s execution, Ryan and Mike shift their focus to a new threat.
March 2015


3.0 35 x
With their latest target on the run, Ryan and Mike follow a tip to a small town to investigate and confirm he isn't seeking protection.