The Good Place

January 2019


4.0 25 x
Various events occur, in a certain specific order.

Chidi Sees the Time-Knife

2.0 96 x
Michael arranges an important meeting and Janet makes a reconnection.

The Book of Dougs

3.0 19 x
Michael presents his case to the Good Place Committee; Chidi tries to calm Eleanor down; and Tahani struggles to help Jason and Janet.
December 2018


3.0 10 x
While Eleanor and the gang contend with an intense out-of-body experience, Michael hatches a plan with Janet's help.
November 2018

Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

1.5 13 x
Michael and Janet visit the person they believe to be the blueprint for how to live a good life on Earth, and Eleanor turns to Tahani for advice.

The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

3.0 14 x
Michael helps Eleanor recall forgotten events from her past with Chidi, causing Eleanor to fixate on the philosophy of determinism.

A Fractured Inheritance

4.0 5 x
Eleanor makes a startling discovery when she travels with Michael to Nevada to confront the mother she believed was dead, and Tahani struggles to make amends with her sister.
October 2018

The Ballad of Donkey Doug

3.0 11 x
Michael and Tahani join Jason for a mission to Florida to help some people from Jason's past, while Janet creates a virtual reality simulation to help Chidi resolve a problem.

Jeremy Bearimy

4.0 4 x
Eleanor and the gang explore the three main branches of ethical thought after learning the truth about their history with Michael and Janet.

The Snowplow

3.0 32 x
Sequestered on Earth, Michael and Janet meddle in Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason's lives to remove any obstacles that might derail the gang's efforts to become better people. Maya Rudolph guest stars.