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March 2016

From The Abolitionist Movement To #Blacklivesmatter

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The abolitionist movement of the 19th century helped galvanize the country against slavery and made the civil war a war for freedom. While the abolitionists made great strides in their own time, the fight for equality continues today with groups like Black Lives Matter.
February 2016

How The Us Government Became So Big

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Before the Civil War, the US had a very small army, hardly any social safety nets, and no national currency. But with the fight over slavery and the secession of the southern states that would all change.What is the role of the federal government? And how did the Civil War shape so many aspects of the United States governm...

The Lasting Impact Of Women In The Civil War

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When the Civil War began, women were able to take on a variety of new roles that they hadn’t in the previous decades. Thousands of women became nurses and relief workers, and some of them also wanted to fight. Although women were prohibited from serving in the military, a few determined women disguised themselves as men an...

The Birth Of Modern Medical Care In America

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The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in US history. More people died in the Civil War than in all other US wars combined. And many more were wounded and maimed. Doctors were forced to re-think their methods and start using more modern, more scientific standards of medical care.