The Half Hour

October 2016

Martha Kelly - A Brand-New Martha

3.0 8 x
Martha Kelly - A Brand-New Martha of the TV-show The Half Hour was broadcast by Comedy Central on Sunday 2 October 2016 at 9:52PM.

Nick Turner - Hanging Out with Couples

3.0 15 x
Nick Turner will do anything to get away from a couple in the middle of a fight.
September 2016

Nick Turner - Rescue Dogs

3.0 24 x
Nick Turner is sick of people bragging about rescuing beautiful, undamaged puppies.

Martha Kelly - Animal Road Trip

3.0 24 x
Martha Kelly talks about the difficulties she experienced while traveling with her pets.

Emily Heller - How to Enjoy Hip Hop

3.0 25 x
Emily Heller reveals how she manages to enjoy hip hop, despite its sexist lyrics.

Erik Bergstrom - The Real New York

3.0 20 x
Erik Bergstrom's family made him realize that he has a love/hate relationship with New York City.

Erik Bergstrom - One Cool Dude

3.0 35 x
Erik Bergstrom has learned that his personality changes as soon as he has one drink.

Emily Heller - The Evolution of a Weirdo

3.0 43 x
Emily Heller definitely wasn't a nerd growing up (even though everyone assumes she was).

Cy Amundson - Cyberbullying Dad

3.0 51 x
Cy Amundson admits to playing a very elaborate prank on his father.

Ali Siddiq - Good Stereotypes

3.0 44 x
There's one thing that Ali Siddiq really doesn't understand about white people.