The Larry Sanders Show


Episode 4: The Guest Host

4.0 10 x
Larry freaks out when guest host Dana Carvey scores higher than he does. The final straw comes when Carvey is offered his own talk show, in direct competition with Larry's. Guest stars: Dana Carvey, Herve Villechaize.

Episode 21: Larry Loses Interest

3.0 10 x
It's time for the anniversary show, and Larry is overwhelmed with ennui. It seems nothing new ever happens on the show. Guest stars: Suzanne Somers, Joan Embrey.

Episode 22: Larry's Partner

3.0 8 x
Larry feels sorry for his former comedy partner, so he invites him to write for the show. When that doesn't work, he gives him a guest shot performing stand-up. When that doesn't work... Guest star: Eric Bogosian.

Episode 23: Broadcast Nudes

3.0 18 x
During the show, Hank talks Hugh Hefner into doing a pictorial layout of Darlene and himself. Meanwhile, Larry is going to be featured in 'Architectural Digest.' Guest star: Hugh Hefner.

Episode 24: Larry's Birthday

3.0 8 x
A shake-up in the writing staff threatens to ruin Larry's birthday. Guest star: Sugar Ray Leonard.
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