The Michael J. Fox Show

January 2014


3.0 27 x
Mike and his newsroom nemesis Susan compete to see who can best cover the Sochi Olympic games.


3.0 33 x
Mike and Annie think they've found their BFF couple; Eve tries to remake herself.


3.0 35 x
When Mike misses a major story under his nose, he wonders if he's still got it; Harris and Leigh hook up. Richard Kind guest stars.


3.0 16 x
While Mike helps Harris celebrate his journalism award, Annie preps for the ultimate safe sleepover.
December 2013


3.0 25 x
The Henrys keep the Christmas spirit alive through rivalry, fake Santas and Sting.
November 2013


3.0 22 x
Annie and Mike's Thanksgiving traditions are turned upside down by a visit from Mike's parents. Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen guest star.


3.0 34 x
Mike hatches a plot to return Ian to college while Annie organizes a girls' night out.

Bed Bugs

3.0 33 x
Chaos ensues when Leigh gets bed bugs in her apartment, and Mike is forced to take her in! Chris Christie guest stars.