The Mind Of A Chef


Season 1 Episode 1: Noodle

3.0 2 x
Chang dissects the roots of his passion for ramen dishes and tsukemen on a trip to Japan.
Episodes 2015

Season 4 Episode 1: Prune

3.0 34 x
Enter the mind of chef Gabrielle Hamilton in the first episode of Season 4 of the Emmy-winning and James Beard Award-winning series THE MIND OF A CHEF.
Episodes 2014

Season 3 Episode 1: Origin

3.0 38 x
Chef Ed Lee returns to his roots in East Brooklyn and the eclectic mix of cuisines that inspired how he cooks today in this premiere episode of Season 3. Season 3 of THE MIND OF A CHEF premieres September 2014 on PBS. See more at
Episodes 2013


3.0 51 x
Chef Bloomfield wrestles with the questions every aspiring new or expanding veteran chef has to confront. April and her business partner, Ken Friedman, explore the challenges of opening their first out-of-state venture in San Francisco: Tosca. April is inspired by a local morning bun, and she’s busy in the kitchen testing ...


3.0 71 x
In this episode, April explores curry, the originals as well as England’s versions of this historic cuisine. Legendary cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey takes April to her favorite curry spot in New York City, then cooks. In London, April hangs with her chef friend Stevie Perle and makes and eats English and Pakistani curries...