The Mystery Of Matter

August 2015

Episode 3: Into the Atom | Full Episode

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Caught up in the race to discover the atom’s internal parts, Harry Moseley uses newly discovered X-rays to put the Periodic Table in a whole new light. Glenn Seaborg creates a new element — plutonium — that changes the world forever.

Episode 1: Out of Thin Air | Full Episode

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See how the discovery of oxygen by one of science’s great odd couples — Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier — triggers a worldwide search for new elements. Soon caught up in the hunt is chemist Humphry Davy, whose showmanship dazzles London audiences.

Episode 2: Unruly Elements | Full Episode

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Dmitri Mendeleev invents the Periodic Table, bringing order to the elements. This order is shattered when Marie Curie discovers radioactivity, revealing that elements can change identities —and atoms contain undiscovered parts.