The Numbers Game

June 2014

All Fired Up

3.0 31 x
Matches aren't the only way to start a fire when trying to survive a disaster with limited supplies.

The Perfect Password

3.0 65 x
Learn how to create a password that is both super safe and easy to remember.

Focus Under Pressure

3.0 65 x
The ability to tune out distractions can give you a winning edge in your daily life.

Can Code Breaking Change Your Life?

3.0 93 x
Whether you realize it or not, we use codes every day, in many facets of our lives. Have some fun with the idea of code breaking and the thought processes behind solving puzzles. THE NUMBERS GAME airs Mondays on National Geographic Channel.

Do You Live On The Edge?

3.0 60 x
The average person makes 70 decisions in a day, if one of those decisions is to jump out of an airplane you could probably call yourself a daredevil. THE NUMBERS GAME airs Mondays on National Geographic Channel.

Are You Smarter Than a Zombie?

3.0 46 x
Food, shelter and water are all important necessities for survival but do you know which one has top priority?

What’s in the Box?

3.0 35 x
Discover a simple rule to help you decide when a risk is worth taking.

Dream Team

3.0 58 x
A good boss needs to know how to ask the right kind of questions to hire the right people.

Believe It or Not

3.0 28 x
An experiment using groups of people who feel lucky or unlucky pays off for some.

Don't Call Me Lucky!

3.0 35 x
One simple tip from a lottery winner could help you cash in.