The Open Mind


Will Covid Paralyze The Vote In November?

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Mother Jones voting rights correspondent Ari Berman on the pandemic and voting turnout.

Renewing Democracy For Today

4.0 4 x
Garry Kasparov and Uriel Epshtein of the Renew Democracy Initiative on authoritarian rule.

Army Of The Decent

4.0 1 x
Lincoln Project’s John Weaver on holding people in power accountable to their oaths.

The Pandemic’S Prophet

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Pulitzer Prize winning science journalist Laurie Garrett on predicting COVID-19

The Youth Vote In 2020

4.0 3 x
UVA professor and coauthor of “Making Young Voters,” John Holbein on civic participation

Hiding In Plain Sight

4.0 3 x
Sarah Kendzior on her book “Hiding in Plain Sight” and the threat of authoritarianism.

The Kremlin’S Hack Attacks

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Wired reporter Andy Greenberg discusses the next wave of Russian cyber crimes.

The Science And Necessity Of Friendship

4.0 4 x
Science journalist Lydia Denworth on the evolution, biology, and power of friendship.
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Mother Of Exiles

3.0 3 x
Writer Anastasia Edel on her essay “The Tired and Poor Who Make America Great,” and Russia

Never Again In America

4.0 1 x
Jews Against White Nationalism leader Sophie Ellman-Golan on mistreatment of immigrants.