The Penguins of Madagascar

December 2013

King Me/Private and the Winky Factory

3.0 123 x
The penguins individually switch minds with King Julien to help him defeat Clemson after the evil lemur returns and says that Julien cannot legally be king.

Mental Hen/Thumb Drive

2.5 326 x
A hen with psychic abilities moves into the zoo. After realizing that Maurice's thumbs could prove to be very useful, the penguins recruit him into their team.

The All Nighter Before Xmas

3.0 66 x
The New York Zoo is closed one day out of the year for Christmas. To rejoice the season (and the human-free environment) the animals take over the zoo for Kidsmas; their annual animal celebration complete with decorations, food, gifts and a visit from Santa.
November 2013

A Kipper for Skipper/High Moltage

3.0 185 x
Skipper offers a day off of training to whichever of his teammates can bring him a kipper. The penguins need Private's hypercute to escape Alice in order to see their favorite action star at the cinema.

Antics on Ice

3.0 99 x
The Penguins take Private and friends to Lunacorns on Ice!
October 2013

I Was a Penguin Zombie/Sting Operation

4.0 185 x
After an injury, Skipper goes to the vet for treatment. While he's there, the rest of the team mistakenly believes Skipper has turned into a zombie. The woozy Skipper must convince his friends he's not a raving monster.