The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


Season 10, Episode 18 - Reunion Part 2

3.0 8 x
Kyle takes a turn in the hot seat. When her daughters are brought up in conversation, Lisa bares all and addresses Garcelle’s implication that she has a need for attention. A defiant Denise comes under fire for her connection to Brandi Glanville.

Season 10, Episode 56 - S10 E6- Watch with Dorit and Garcelle

3.0 1 x
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Dorit and Garcelle react and give commentary on an episode from this season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

Season 10, Episode 8 - Mind Your P's and BBQ's

4.0 15 x
Garcelle is honored for her work with a local charity, but her acceptance speech isn’t charitable to one guest. The ladies feel mom-shamed when Denise shows up to Kyle's kid-friendly barbecue without her kids.

Season 10, Episode 7 - Santa Denise

4.0 6 x
What promises to be a relaxing trip to Santa Barbara instead opens old wounds for Dorit, Erika, Teddi and Kyle. After feeling judged as a mother, Lisa Rinna turns the tables on Denise, forcing her to examine her own history of risqué behavior.

Season 10, Episode 6 - Read Between the Signs

3.5 49 x
Erika is left seeing stars at her astrology party when resentments flare up between Kyle, Teddi and Dorit. Denise's frustration boils over in front of Lisa Rinna. After drinks with her besties, Garcelle questions a new friend's priorities.

Season 10, Episode 3 - First Impressions, True Confessions

3.0 2 x
Kyle wraps shooting on her film and plans a Welcome Home party for all the ladies. Erika's singing lesson brings up a painful childhood memory. Teddi doesn't take kindly to Sutton's criticism. Lisa’s party game leads to tears and a dramatic exit.

Season 10, Episode 2 - To Live and Text in Beverly Hills

3.0 9 x
While Kyle tries to attract buyers for her new fashion line in New York City, Erika gets big news that has her moving there. Dorit's move into a new house is marred by negative press about her finances.

Season 10, Episode 1 - The Crown Isn't So Heavy

4.0 2 x
Season 10, Episode 1 - The Crown Isn't So Heavy of the TV-show The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was broadcast by NBC on Thursday 16 April 2020 at 12:00AM.
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Thirst Impressions

4.0 4 x
In Provence, a countryside excursion features a lot of wine, and even more laughs, despite Erika’s unenthusiastic attitude. Teddi and Kyle overindulge, leading to a shocking night of revelations, tears, and chaos.

Pardon Our French

3.0 3 x
Kyle, Erika, Dorit, Teddi and Lisa Rinna arrive at a luxurious chateau in Provence, France, for a wine-tasting adventure. Denise and Camille must stay behind when a massive wildfire forces them to evacuate their homes and flee to safety.