The Secret Life Of Kids

March 2018

Best Frenemies

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Madelyn finally stands up for herself after Gia goes too far, while Quinton pushes past his fear of failure and takes an apple balancing risk.

First Day of School

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It’s the first day of school for these five year olds, and love is in the air for Halen and Harlo, while Gia P emerges as queen bee among her girl peers.

Girls vs. Boys

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Our experts examine the differences between girls and boys, through the way they play, express themselves in relationships, and problem solve.


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It’s graduation week and the kids reflect back on all they’ve learned in their time together, from Gia P finally learning to be a good friend, to Halen learning the value of girl power.

Love and Rejection

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Role playing romance becomes a contagious game, while Jimmy and Eiryn handle being rejected in very different ways.

New Kids

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Two new kids, Raina and Bowie, navigate the new friendship waters amidst this tight knit group of kids. Raina finds an unlikely bond with Jimmy, while Bowie and Harlo become thick as thieves.