The Tom and Jerry Show

August 2014

Curse Case Scenario/Say Cheese

3.0 328 x
Tom and Jerry are hired by Dutch to find his missing cursed ruby that causes him to have bad luck when it's missing. Then Tom eats some canned cheese that has gone bad and hallucinates.
July 2014

My Bot-Y Guard/Little Quacker And Mister Fuzzy Hide

3.5 338 x
My Bot-y Guard: Dr. Bigby upgrades Bot to a Bot-y Guard. When Tom breaks in and sets off Bot's defensive systems, things get out of control. Little Quaker- Mr. Fuzzy Hide: When the Witches' herb garden is destroyed, Tom sets a trap to capture the pest.

Top Cat/Mummy Dearest

3.5 417 x
When Tom and Butch compete for the Golden Fez and a chance to be top cat in the United Mouse Catchers, they must prove their worth by finally catching Jerry. Butch finds out that Jerry is a tough opponent.

For The Love Of Ruggles/Sleuth Or Consequences

3.0 219 x
Tom kicks Spike's beloved chew toy Ruggles over the fence and has to get it back when he sees how heartbroken Spike becomes. Then, Butch and a squirrel detective set up shop across the street from Tom and Jerry, and are stealing their customers.