The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Season 7, Episode 161

4.0 53 x
Jimmy takes a stroll around the neighborhood with Nancy to answer Ask the Fallons fan questions about how they keep their marriage strong, Nancy's crafting dreams and more.

Season 7, Episode 156

4.0 13 x
Martin Short talks about how he’s spending his time in quarantine, dishes on the celebrity-filled Zoom call he was in and reminisces on the time he and Jimmy first met.

Season 7, Episode 154

4.0 5 x
Kevin Bacon talks about how his perspective on social justice issues has changed as he's grown older and chats about You Should Have Left, his horror film with Amanda Seyfried.

Season 7, Episode 153

3.0 20 x
Robert De Niro shares his thoughts on the president's response to the coronavirus pandemic and reminisces on when Nelson Mandela came to the opening of the Tribeca Film Festival in 2002.

Season 7, Episode 150

4.0 13 x
Dr. Bernice A. King shares what her mother, Coretta Scott King, would think of the protests against racial police violence, clarifies some of her father’s most famous quotes and talks about how everyone can protest online.

Season 7, Episode 149

4.0 4 x
Roy Wood Jr. shares his experience watching Birmingham, Alabama take down a Confederate monument and discusses the rhetoric surrounding protesting and looting.

Season 7, Episode 148

4.0 5 x
Jimmy recaps the discussions on racism he’s had with guests on the show before speaking with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on protesting after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., addressing those who don’t think racism affects them and what gives him hope.

Season 7, Episode 147

3.0 6 x
Don Lemon talks about his experience reporting on the protests against racial police violence and the importance of forgiveness and visibility in the fight for racial justice.

Season 7, Episode 144

3.0 5 x
Anthony Anderson chats with Jimmy about the origin of his "black Moses" beard, reminisces about the celebrity golf tournament where they first met and breaks down his vegan journey to fight his diabetes.

Season 7, Episode 143

3.0 4 x
Jimmy pops the top off another Tonight Show home edition with a TikTok bottle cap challenge attempt and gets some work-from-home hacks from Steve Higgins.