The Walsh Bros. Great and Secret Comedy Show

April 2014

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3.0 42 x
Chris and David lead a walking tour of Los Angeles featuring such sights as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the most haunted building in the world.

The Defenders

3.0 27 x
Danny, Griff and Doc patrol the streets as a vigilante security force, the Polish light bulb team springs into action and The Rebel causes mischief on the streets of L.A.

The Walsh Bros. Are Moving Into the Neighborhood

3.0 35 x
Chris and David find a baby in a recycling bin, alert people that they'll be moving into their neighborhood and put on a show at a children's party.

The Walsh Bros. on Patrol

3.0 29 x
With their policeman's mustaches secured firmly to their upper lips, Chris and David drive around the city looking for crime.

Walsh on Walsh

3.0 26 x
The Walsh Bros. interview each other while on top of one other, visit houses they used to live in and remember their epic scavenger hunt for points.