This Is Not Happening

April 2016

Sean Patton - Cumin - Uncensored

3.0 231 x
Sean Patton once refused to pronounce cumin correctly and it came back to bite him.

Solomon Georgio - Mom Versus Bully - Uncensored

3.0 29 x
Solomon Georgio reveals how he tried to seek revenge on his childhood bully.

Randall Park - Middle School Nightmare - Uncensored

3.0 145 x
During a school talent show, Randall Park had a horrifying scatological emergency.

Annie Lederman - Camp Crush - Uncensored

3.0 31 x
Annie Lederman reminisces about reuniting with a camp counselor she had a crush on.

Artie Lange - A Pig on Cocaine - Uncensored

3.0 36 x
Artie Lange explains why he once bought drugs while in costume.
March 2016

Nicole Byer - Adventures in Drinking - Uncensored

3.0 30 x
Nicole Byer recounts many mistakes she's made while drunk.

Mike Lawrence - A Strange Arrangement - Uncensored

3.0 20 x
Mike Lawrence reminisces about the ups and downs of his first sexual relationship.

Ron White - Rescuing a Tooth - Uncensored

3.0 87 x
Ron White tells a story about losing a tooth and the cringeworthy way he had to retrieve it.

Joe DeRosa - My Mother's Son - Uncensored

3.0 44 x
Joe DeRosa explains how his volatile upbringing made him too comfortable with confrontation.

Al Madrigal - Becoming a Latino Comic - Uncensored

3.0 25 x
Al Madrigal tells a story about the hardest series of gigs he's ever had to do.