This Old House


E25 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Almost Home

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Final touches are happening at the triple decker in preparation for Carols homecoming.

E23 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Finish Work Begins

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Tom installs cabinets; Window trim class; Three hot water units; Appliance shopping.

E20 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Urban Oasis

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Patio teamwork; rewire a ceiling; install fire door; new bathtub; replacement window.

E21 | Dorchester Triple Decker | A Project For Every Floor

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Apprentices from YouthBuild; cabinet and counter shopping; HVAC systems for three levels.

E22 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Three Of Everything

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Apprentices patch plaster; installing a sprinkler system; tile shopping; glass door repair

E19 | Dorchester Triple Decker | House Fire Reclamation

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Reinforcing a porch; fire and ice; new siding; choosing accent colors; framing begins.

E18 | Dorchester Triple Decker | 3 Decker Heaven

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Abate asbestos; a new plumber; community garden; 3 decker history; remove melted vinyl.

E16 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | A Queen Anne Revival

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The Seaside Victorian Cottage is restored and expanded. The crew takes a final look.

E17 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Return To Dorchester

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This Old House returns to Dorchester, MA to follow the renovation of a triple decker.

E1 | Behind The Build | Designing Kitchens

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Follow the evolution of kitchen design concepts over the years.