This Week with George Stephanopoulos


S11 E5: Sunday, Feb 2, 2020

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S11 E5: Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 of the TV-show This Week with George Stephanopoulos was broadcast by ABC on Sunday 2 February 2020 at 10:00AM.
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This Week 05/20/18: Texas Official on School Shooting: 'We Cannot…Say it's the Gun - it's us as a Nation'

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Guest: Dan Patrick, Fred Guttenberg, Nicole Hockley, Alan Dershowitz, Dan Abrams, Larry Kudlow, Ronan Farrow, Amanda Carpenter, Jonathan Swan, Matt Schlapp, Donna Brazile.

05/13/18: Trump will 'size Kim Jong Un up' and look for 'real' commitment at summit

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Guest: Evan Osnos, Sue Mi Terry, Jonathan Cheng, Tammie Jo Shults, Darren Ellisor, Matthew Dowd, Cecilia Vega, Joshua Johnson, Susan Glasser.

This Week 05/06/18: EXCLUSIVE: Rudy Giuliani on Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen and Mueller Probe

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'No question' Stormy Daniels payment 'had everything to do with' campaign: Avenatti; Dem strategist: Administration 'got caught telling the truth' on $130,000 payment

This Week 4/29/18: Pompeo Confirmed as Secretary of State, North and South Korea Hold Historic Summit

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on meeting Kim Jong Un: 'I was there on a mission'; Voters vent frustration, disappointment with Washington, elected officials

This Week 04/22/18: President Trump Faces Legal Land Mines

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Trump response to DNC lawsuit 'very similar' to Nixon response to Watergate: DNC chair; Remembering former First Lady - and First Mom - Barbara Bush

This Week 04/15/18: U.S. and Allies Strike Syria; Trump Lashes out Against Comey, Cohen Raids on Twitter

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'Bipartisan consensus that James Comey doesn't have credibility': Sarah Sanders; Meghan McCain: 'Vilification of Paul Ryan… led to the rise of President Trump'

This Week 04/08/18: Trump Sends National Guard to Assist Border 'Crisis'

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Farmers in Iowa talk about fear factor of tariff threats from China; Trump can replace EPA chief with someone who has no 'baggage': NPR host

This Week 04/01/18: GOP Retirements Could Lead to Openings for House Democrats

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Guest: Chris Christie, Alex Castellanos, Donna Brazile, Patrick Gaspard, Jennifer Jacobs, Scott Pruitt, David Shulkin, Doug Jones, Susan Glasser, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Meghan O'Sullivan, and Andrew Young.

This Week 3/25/18: Students Rally to Demand Gun Control, Trump Replaces National Security Adviser

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Gun control advocate's advice for students rallying: Don't 'get discouraged'; Bush national security adviser: Bolton's rhetoric 'a little bit extreme for my taste'