To The Contrary

January 2020

Ttc Extra: Motherhood & The Workforce

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Paid family leave policies may force women out of the workforce?

Woman Thought Leader: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Ca)

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This week's woman thought leader is California's Rep. Barbara Lee.

Impeachment; Gender Quotas; Mindful Masculinity

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Trump's gender divide, mandating women in corporate boards, and "For the Love of Men"
December 2019

Ttc Extra: Gray Is The New Black

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Ttc Extra: Gray Is The New Black of the TV-show To The Contrary was broadcast by PBS on Monday 2 December 2019 at 12:29PM.
October 2019

Warren Vs. Biden; Lgbt & Scotus; Facial Recognition

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Warren vs. Biden. The LGBT takes on SCOTUS & the No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act.

Woman Thought Leader: Dr. Carla Hayden

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The first woman and African American to head the Library of Congress.
September 2019

Self Induced Abortions; Lgbtq Pronouns; Financial Literacy

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New abortion stats, Sam Smith, and teaching girls about money matters.
July 2017

Kristin Beck, Navy Seal & Transgender Woman, On Trump

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Kristin Beck is a former US Navy Seal and a transgender woman. She shares her experiences with us and discusses Donald Trump's plans to ban transgender people from the military.

Women Thought Leaders: Leslie Sanchez

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Continuing our Women Thought Leaders series, Bonnie Erbe interviews former panelist, Leslie Sanchez. To The Contrary talks to her about the Hispanic Vote, what the Democratic party and GOP needs to do to get their vote next election, and how marketing shapes our lives.
June 2017

Ttc Extra: A Father's Day Special

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Originally aired June 19th, 2015State of the World's Fathers: We take a look at a report on how fatherhood is evolving, along with a panel made up of fathers. Panel: Joseph Jones, Christopher Johnson, David Martosko, Colbert King