Total Bellas


Season 5, Episode 11 - Babies on Board

4.0 2 x
Nicole and Brie’s pregnancies bring changes for the whole family. Nicole and Artem plan a gender reveal party, but Brie and Bryan disagree on whether to find out the gender of their baby.

Season 5, Episode 4 - Playing Favorites

3.0 2 x
Nicole feuds with JJ after he accuses her of favoring Birdie over her other nieces, a robbery puts Brie on high alert and Kathy creates trouble when she plans a family photo excluding Artem.

Season 5, Episode 3 - Bellas Without Borders

3.0 5 x
Brie and Nicole's decision to visit their father forces Kathy to revisit a dark time in her past. Nicole and Brie take Artem to their hometown and meet their siblings for the first time.

Season 5, Episode 1 - Brave New Bellas

4.0 5 x
Season 5, Episode 1 - Brave New Bellas of the TV-show Total Bellas was broadcast by NBC on Friday 3 April 2020 at 1:00AM.