Total Drama All-Stars

October 2013

Moon Madness

3.0 57 x
Moon Madness: The first night challenge falls during a rare, blue harvest moon that turns the local wildlife into blood-thirsty predators. Perfect!

Food Fright

3.0 54 x
Food Fright: Chris combines a pancake-eating contest with an obstacle course causing a vicious game of tummy twister. On your barf, get set, go!
September 2013

Evil Dread

3.0 49 x
Evil Dread: The players battle it out on the beach as they dig up 3D puzzle pieces and use them to assemble an international landmark.

Heroes Vs. Villains

3.0 48 x
Heroes vs. Villains: Chris welcomes an All-Star cast from previous seasons back to the island and pits the Heroes against the Villains.