Tournament Of Laughs

October 2020

Season 1, Episode 7 - The Last Laugh

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In a jovial environment steeped in celebration and laughter, host Jason regales the final comedians in all their glorious hilarity. But only one will be crowned the Tournament of Laughs grand champion!

Season 1, Episode 1 - And a Round of 32 We Go Part 1

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The first round of the tournament kicks off with some of comedy’s biggest names (Jeff Ross, Margaret Cho, and Gilbert Gottfried) shooting for the biggest laughs!

- Jessica Kirson's Prank Call

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Jessica Kirson prank calls a fellow comedian.

- Josh Wolf Sings About Kids

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Josh Wolf delivers some harsh truths about kids in an original song.

- Judah Friedlander's Book

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Comedian and author Judah Friedlander unveils his first book, written at age 7.

- Michael Rapaport's House Tour

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Michael Rapaport appears on a new real estate show to tour a house he can’t afford.

- Moshe Kasher's Massager

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Moshe Kasher endorses a provocative new piece of sports therapy equipment.

- Mother Cho's Quarantine Tips

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Margaret Cho’s “mother” gives tips on how to quarantine that she learned during the Korean War.

- Piff the Magic Dragon at Home

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Piff the Magic Dragon and his team reveal what life is like for Las Vegas performers when they can't perform.

- Pop's Daycare With Yamaneika

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Yamaneika Saunders shows you why getting grandpa to watch the kids isn’t always a good idea.