Transporter: The Series


End Game

Expired 3.0 51 x
In order to save the life of Zara, a woman he once loved, Frank is coerced into trying to procure a cyber bomb powerful enough to destroy an entire country's infrastructure. Certain they're being set up, Caterina refuses to go along with the job and...

Beacon of Hope

Expired 3.0 109 x
Frank and Caterina are hired to rescue a wounded aid worker from a warlord in Mauritania. Caterina actually has a history with the aid worker, so this mission is particularly personal for her. As the warlord and his men try to hunt the group down, F...

Sixteen Hands

Expired 3.0 123 x
Frank is hired to transport a thoroughbred racehorse worth $10 million from its stable in Kentucky to the racetrack of the prestigious Belmont Stakes race in New York. Things get off to a rough start, however, when a mysterious attacker breaks into ...


Expired 3.0 90 x
Frank hits the trail in search of a woman who once hired him to help her escape from an abusive relationship with the CEO of one of the biggest technology companies in the country. To make matters worse, Frank is being framed for the woman's disappe...


Expired 3.0 95 x
After Frank and Caterina deliver a briefcase to a mine in the middle of the Sahara, an explosion traps a group of miners. To rescue them, Frank and two other men volunteer to drive three trucks filled with highly unstable dynamite that could blow wi...
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