Treasure Detectives

August 2013

De Kooning/Dagger

3.0 43 x
The team examines a possible de Kooning and an ancient Chinese dagger.

Hockey Mask/40-Foot Mural

3.0 47 x
The first hockey mask prototype & a mural from the 1939 World's Fair are tested.

Les Paul/Cape

3.0 57 x
Curtis has to authenticate one of Les Paul's guitars and James Brown's cape.


3.0 92 x
Dowling and his team examine two objects that may be Lalique and Lichtenstein.

Mormon Books/Cufflinks

3.0 26 x
Mormon papers from the 1800's and some Neil Armstrong artifacts are studied.

Queen Elizabeth/Lincoln Desk

3.0 153 x
The team studies a table possibly owned by Lincoln and a rare 15thC. painting.

Tiffany Lamp/Honus Wagner

3.0 106 x
The team examines what could be a rare baseball card from 1908 worth millions.


3.0 77 x
The Treasure Detectives team looks at what could be a Stradivarius and a Warhol.