Trials Of The Wild


Natural Born Fighters

4.0 4 x
Life is risky, and no stage of life is riskier than the very beginning. If these babies can survive childhood, they can survive almost anything.

Army of the Ants

4.0 4 x
An army ant colony in the forests of Costa Rica stalks its prey. This super-organism of tiny individuals is as deadly as any beast on four legs.

Elephants on the Edge

4.0 2 x
In the Sahara Desert, a herd of elephants struggles to thrive. But with the help of caring people and their own resilience, they just might make it.

Fatal Attractions

3.0 2 x
To many animals in the wild finding a mate is blood sport, driving to make long journeys, let down their guard, and even fight each other to the death.

Deadly Gamblers

4.0 5 x
When you’ve got it all, why give it up? We expect animals to choose the easiest option for food and comfort, but that’s not always predictable.

Falkland Island Invasion

4.0 3 x
It’s spring on the desolate Falkland Islands, which is suddenly crowded with animals converging to breed and raise their young over the short summer.