Trophy Wife


Cold File (Ep 102)

3.0 45 x
Wanting to find her role in the family and feel needed by the kids, Kate pitches in and puts Bert to bed. Unfortunately, her methods result in Bert getting freaked about his uterus. Kate tries to cover up the mistake, which only makes things worse....

Halloween (Ep 106)

3.0 129 x
When Jackie’s homemade costume nearly ruins Bert’s Halloween, Kate steps in with the costume he wanted, and Bert’s so overjoyed that he asks Kate to take him trick-or-treating. This leads to a fallout between Jackie and Kate, which gets worse when ...

Lice and Beary White (Ep 108)

3.0 63 x
When lice attack the Harrison household, Kate and Jackie band together to show Diane that she isn't great at everything she does. Meanwhile, Warren and Bert fight about custody of a teddy bear.

Pilot (Ep 101)

3.0 55 x
When Kate falls in love with the man of her dreams, she finds herself in over her head juggling her new responsibilities and new relationships with his three children and two ex-wives. After embarrassing herself at a parent-teacher conference, Kate ...

Russ Bradley Morrison (Ep 109)

3.0 25 x
Kate tries to play matchmaker to Diane and another parent on Warren’s field trip, but is shocked by what she learns in doing so. Meanwhile, Jackie takes it upon herself to care for Pete when he’s sick – but she finds herself more interested in havin...
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