True Life


We Are Orlando

3.0 155 x
Tony Marrero, Patience Carter, Tiara Parker and Joshua McGill recall the harrowing attack at the Pulse Nightclub on June 12, as they struggle to get their lives back on track in True Life: We are Orlando.
Episodes 2014

I Need To Change My Man

3.0 765 x
True Life follows two women who are trying to change their partners' habits.

I Want My Ex Back

4.6 1,239 x
Bianca's determined to get back together with her ex Chris, Taylor wants to date Felicia again but Felicia's persistent to remain as just friends.

I'm Dating My Best Friend's Ex

2.9 1,019 x
True Life follows two couples which are the results of a best friend's ex.

I Want A Threesome

3.7 1,943 x
These couples want to add a third person to the mix, but will it heat up their relationship or leave them burned?

I'm A Gay Athlete

3.5 557 x
True Life follows two college athletes unhappily trapped in the closet.

Presents: The Benjamins

3.7 409 x
True Life takes a look into the daily life of the Benjamins, two brothers living with Autism.

I'm Preparing For The End Of The World

2.7 442 x
This episode follows two families who are setting out to prepare for the end of the world as we know it.

I'm An Obscure Pageant Queen

4.0 391 x
'True Life' follows people who choose to compete in pageants unlike the ones people are used to.

I Want Respect For My Sect

1.5 874 x
'True Life' follows people who aim to get respect from those around them for their sects.