Twice Born


Episode 3

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Lilly undergoes plastic surgery to reshape her face, and Shelly delivers her baby girl, Luelle. Geneva and Reggie, a couple from North Carolina, visit the Children's Hospital to seek help for their unborn child who has developed a lower urinary tract obstruction.

Episode 2

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Doctors remove the remainder of baby Lilly’s tumor. Meanwhile, couple Tina and Brion receive devastating news about their unborn twins. Get a close-up look at surgery on a baby in the womb — the first time ever in a major television broadcast — as Shelly and her baby undergo a procedure to repair the fetus’s spine.

Tina & Brion's Story

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When their unborn twins are diagnosed with Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, Tina and Brion embark on an urgent visit to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, desperate to save their babies’ lives.

Episode 1

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Dr. Holly Hedrick performs a rare EXIT procedure and attempts to remove a tumor from a fetus while it is still attached to mother, Lesly. Meanwhile, couple Bobby and Shelly anxiously wait to find out if they are candidates for fetal surgery to repair their baby’s spine.