Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse

August 2013

August 7, 2013

3.0 149 x
It's Chris and Leslie's wedding day. Angela and Jennifer are happy for Leslie, but Angela perceives that all is not well with Leslie. Leslie has flashbacks of her relationship with Joseph, reminiscing about the wonderful times they shared. Meanwhile, Marcus checks in on Joseph to make sure he's okay. Marcus finds a distraught, drunk Joseph. As a precaution Marcus takes Joseph's car keys, but he forgets that Joseph also has a motorcycle. On their way to the wedding, Leslie, Angela, and Jennifer ...

August 1, 2013

3.0 108 x
Marcus and Angela throw an engagement party for Chris and Leslie. Keisha spills the beans to Chris about how Joseph and Leslie used to live together. Chris is very upset with Leslie about this, but they work it out. However, this complication makes Chris back out of his business venture with C-Sports Now. Joseph shows up to the engagement party drunk, and Jennifer ends up taking him home.
July 2013

July 31, 2013

3.0 41 x
Keisha meets Chris for the first time. After learning about his upcoming marriage, she warns Chris to get a prenuptial agreement. Keisha's words stay with Chris as he goes to Marcus for advice on how to ask Leslie for a prenuptial agreement. Leslie is worried because Chris has asked her to dinner in order to discuss a "sensitive" topic. Leslie's worries are relieved when she realizes the conversation is just about a prenuptial agreement. To Chris' surprise Leslie not only agrees, but insists th...

July 25, 2013

3.0 41 x
Joseph has a dream that Leslie marries Chris. This makes him realize he genuinely wants a future with Leslie. Chris and Leslie go on a weekend getaway to Spain. When she returns, Joseph musters up enough courage to finally let Leslie know how he truly feels. Unfortunately, as he is about is about to propose, he sees a 14-carat engagement ring already on Leslie's finger. Leslie is now engaged to Chris.

July 24, 2013

3.0 78 x
Chris, a former classmate of Angela and Leslie comes into town. He is rich, successful, and attracted to Leslie. Coincidentally, he is also working with Marcus and Joseph on a potential business venture with C-Sports Now. Chris invites Marcus and Joseph to the Opera. Things get interesting when Joseph finds out that Leslie is Chris' date to the Opera.

July 18, 2013

3.0 87 x
Two months after her break-up with Joseph, Leslie goes shopping with Angela to help keep her mind occupied. While shopping, she runs into Grayson, a guy she used to date. An intrigued Angela invites him over for dinner that evening. Meanwhile, Joseph is having the time of his life going out with Candace, his new love interest. He feels Candace is special enough to meet Angela. Joseph suggests they all have dinner together that same evening. Both Joseph and Leslie show up to dinner with their da...

July 17, 2013

3.0 74 x
After their recent break-up, Leslie goes on a blind lunch date at Ozzie's pub. Trouble ensues when Keisha arranges an inopportune meeting between Joseph and Leslie. Because of this action, both Joseph and Leslie mistakenly assume that the other has "moved on." In the end, Joseph throws Leslie's picture in the trash as a symbolic gesture of his new attitude. Leslie is alone in her car, crying in the rain.

Leslie's First Date

3.0 60 x
Leslie is still living with Angela and Marcus. She decides to go on her first serious date since leaving Joseph. After hearing this news, Joseph invites himself over to Angela and Marcus' house for a game of poker. Although he won't admit it to himself or others, it is apparent that Joseph is not completely over Leslie. Also, M.J. gets taught a lesson on not being a "peeping M.J."

Mi Casa, Su Casa

3.0 56 x
Leslie momentarily moves in with Angela and Marcus after her fight with Joseph. Although Angela is more than happy to help her friend in need, Leslie's stay causes an inconvenience in the Williams' household.

July 4, 2013

4.0 93 x
Joseph finds out that his mother, Carmen, is coming to town for a visit. Joseph is caught off guard. He has not told his mother that he and Leslie live together. Joseph tries to keep the secret from his mother and Leslie. Leslie becomes enraged when she learns about Joseph's dishonesty. Leslie is horribly upset and ends their relationship. Leslie moves out of their condo. Carmen tells Joseph he was wrong, and that she believes Leslie is finally "the one".