Ultimate Survival Alaska: Seavey vs. Seavey

May 2014

Ep10: Winner Takes All

3.0 34 x
Find out who comes out on top in the Seavey vs. Seavey ultimate challenge.

Ep5: Name That Dog!

3.0 28 x
Dallas Seavey reveals his secret to remembering his 95 dogs' names.

Ep9: Home Stretch

3.0 34 x
Dallas and Mitch compete in their own, miniature Iditarod race on Dallas’ training trail.
February 2014

Ep2: No Place Like Home

3.0 21 x
Visit both Dallas and Mitch Seavey’s contrasting homes and get a closer look at their different lifestyles.

Ep3: Hot Shots

3.0 29 x
Watch Mitch and Dallas’ shoot out and find out who is the better marksman.

Ep4: Breakfast of Champions

3.0 15 x
Find out what it takes to raise sled dogs in the Alaskan wild.

Ep6: Practice Makes Perfect

3.0 21 x
Sledding perfectionists, Dallas and Mitch Seavey compare and contrast their differing training techniques.