Unlocking The Truth

September 2016

Inside These Gates

3.0 17 x
Ryan and Eva test details of Kelly's testimony and Ryan visits Michael Politte in prison, after arson science proves a shocking twist in his case.

He Knows Things He Shouldn’t Know

3.0 12 x
Ryan and Eva work to identify the weapon that murdered Anastasia, and an unexpected confession emerges in the Kalvin Michael Smith case.

You Don't Know Murderers, Bro

3.0 15 x
Ryan and Eva meet the child Jill Marker delivered while in a coma, and break down the details of Michael Politte’s confession.

We Shouldn't Talk About This

3.0 17 x
Ryan hunts down a key witness in the Michael Politte case and a new case arises involving a mysterious death in a cemetery.

Honey, That's A Dangerous Man

3.0 13 x
More details emerge about the mysterious man in the woods around the time of Rita's death and shocking facts about a former suspect in the Kalvin Michael Smith case begin to surface.
August 2016

Ain’t No Change in the House of Pain

3.0 17 x
Ryan and Eva speak with a critical figure in Rita Politte’s murder and dive into another case in North Carolina where a man is serving 29 years for a crime he claims he didn’t commit.

Gates of Hell

3.0 44 x
Ryan was wrongfully convicted of a murder and served 8 years of his life in prison. With the help of Eva Nagao, he is now searching for the truth about a 14-year-old boy who was convicted of the murder of his own mother.