Season 3: One Thousand Berry Balls

3.0 87 x
Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand, but work may keep them from performing at the Hollywood Arts Cowboy Luau.

Locked Up: Welcome to Hotel Hand Sniff

3.0 161 x
Tori books a hotel in Yerba where they greet you with a courtesy hand sniff, and decorate the walls with photos of better hotels.
Episodes 2014

Season 1: "Pilot"

3.0 342 x
Tori fills in for her sister at a school showcase & discovers that she's super talented.

Season 1: The Bird Scene

3.0 389 x
Sikowitz gives Tori an odd assignment to complete before auditioning for the school play.

Season 2: Blooptorious

4.0 347 x
She may be quick with an insult, but sometimes it takes Liz Gillies - Jade - a few times to nail her lines!

Season 2: Prom Wreckers

3.0 239 x
Tori rallies the gang into having prom at Hollywood Arts, but the event ruins Jade’s art project and now she’s out for revenge. Can Tori throw a successful prom with Jade aiming to bring the whole dance down?

Season 2: Victorious: "Tori Gets Stuck: A Call from Lady Gaga?"

4.0 308 x
Tori gets a surprise call to be a backup dancer in a Lady Gaga video! Will she accept the invite, or be too 'jaded' to believe it's real?

Season 2: Victorious: Locked Up!

3.0 247 x
Spring Break looks bleak until Tori gets everyone a free vacation. But the destination is a tourist nightmare and things go from bad to worse when Tori accidentally assaults the Chancellor of Yerba.

Season 3: The Worst Couple

3.0 765 x
Jade and Beck help Sinjin with his new game show, “The Worst Couple,” but it puts their relationship to the test. Meanwhile, Tori breaks her precious Pear Phone.

Season 3: Victori-Yes

3.3 208 x
Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week.