Washington Week


President Biden Starts A Foreign Policy Shift

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President Joe Biden announced a historic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Corporate Backlash On Voting Rights

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The battle over voting rights continues as big businesses criticize Georgia’s voting laws.

Attack At The Capitol & The Trial Of Derek Chauvin

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Another Capitol police officer is dead, less than three months after January 6th.

President Joe Biden’S First News Conference

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President Biden’s first news conference focused on immigration, voting rights & gun reform

Horrors In Atlanta & Crisis At The Border

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Three shootings in Atlanta, GA raise fears of even more violence against Asian Americans.

A Look Back At A Year Of Covid-19

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It’s the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the world as we once knew it.

Democracy Under Threat & The Fight For Voting Rights

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FBI Director Wray warned that domestic terrorism threats continue after the Jan. 6th riot.

The Covid-19 Crisis & Investigating The Insurrection

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Washington dealt with President Biden’s COVID relief bill & the fallout of the January 6.

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Full Episode For February 19, 2021

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