What Would You Do?


WWYD 9/22/17: Then and Now

4.0 4 x
What Would You Do: The WWYD team re-tackles issues brought up in the season 1.

WWYD 9/15/17: Fraternity, Sorority Recruits Publicly Hazed

4.0 1 x
What Would You Do: New recruits are publicly hazed and humiliated during initiation into a fraternity; sales clerk refuses to sell transgender woman a dress; a child with Tourette's syndrome is bullied.

WWYD 09/08/17: Onlooker harasses parent with different race child

3.0 4 x
Sales clerk discriminates against Sikh man; A veteran cannot afford groceries; Women drug man at the bar and try to rob him; Bartender treats bar as her personal space

WWYD 09/01/17: Customer Abuses Employee with Down Syndrome

3.0 4 x
A mother fat shames her daughter; A child is disciplined in public; Careless pharmacist embarrasses patients.

WWYD 08/25/17: Drug Store Employee Denies Muslim Man Passport Photo

3.0 5 x
What Would You Do: A female bartender is sexually harassed by her boss; A male soldier is berated because of homosexuality.
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