When Sharks Attack

July 2018

The San Francisco Slayer

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In 2004, this wilderness-lovers' dream became a nightmare when the area was stunned by four separate shark attacks in six months.

Mayhem in Mexico

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Usually a pristine location, the waters of Cancun suddenly becomes a hotspot for shark attacks between 2011 and 2013, with six attacks along its shores.

Hawaiian Shockwave

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In 2015, Oahu is the site of three mysterious shark attacks in just under three weeks, with two victims suffering life-changing injuries.
June 2018

Surfers Under Siege

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In 2006, the Oregon coast is plagued by an alarming anomaly: 3 shark attacks in 3 months.

Terror Down Under

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In 2015, the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia is devastated by 9 shark attacks. What is behind this spike in shark encounters?

World's Deadliest Beach

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A remote town in South Africa is terrorized by a series of fatal shark attacks that leaves the community reeling. The question is: why?

Gulf Coast Killers

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Gulf Coast Killers of the TV-show When Sharks Attack was broadcast by National Geographic on Saturday 3 June 2017 at 5:10AM.