Whitney Cummings: I Love you

June 2014

Uncensored - Whitney Cummings - Can't Do High Heels

3.0 114 x
Nobody wins when a woman wears high heels.

Uncensored - Whitney Cummings - Examining the D**k

3.0 33 x
Uncensored - Whitney Cummings - Examining the D**k of the TV-show Whitney Cummings: I Love you was broadcast by Comedy Central on Saturday 28 June 2014 at 8:45AM.

Whitney Cummings - Being a Female Is Frustrating

3.0 85 x
Women aren't crazy, they're just high off of all the poison on their face.

Uncensored - Comedy Central Re-Animated - Whitney Cummings - Guys Are Never Called Crazy

3.0 82 x
Men do things that could actually land them in an insane asylum.

Uncensored - Whitney Cummings - Different Definitions of Love

3.0 142 x
Whitney Cummings offers a possible universal definition for the word "love."

Uncensored - Whitney Cummings - Marriage & Sex

3.0 107 x
Sometimes Whitney Cummings has sex just so she doesn't have to go to the gym.

Uncensored - Whitney Cummings - Stuff Guys Don't Know

3.0 147 x
Nobody is meaner to Whitney Cummings than her own inner monologue.