Wilderness Vet


Birds of a Feather

3.0 1 x
Dr. Oakley is on a mission to return some of the wild's fiercest predators back to the skies - but will these animals be able to overcome their major injuries?

One Wild Birthday

4.0 7 x
With Dr. Oakley's birthday approaching, her family is planning the perfect surprise. But with a list of clients like a sick yak, a pack of sled dogs and two orphaned eaglets to attend to, how will the Oakleys find time to celebrate?

Set Loose a Moose

3.0 5 x
When Dr. Oakley gets a call about two moose calves that are ready to be released, she and her oldest daughters offer to lend a helping hand.

The Doctor Is In

4.0 5 x
Dr. Oakley handles everything from simple check-ups to emergency situations - and she needs to be prepared for any patient that walks through the door.

Bundles of Joy

3.0 10 x
When it comes to animals, Dr. Oakley will do anything to protect their offspring; whether it's caring for a soon-to-be caribou mother or a litter of lynx kittens, she'll make sure the next generation of wildlife grows up safe and healthy.
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