Wilderness Vet


Large and in Charge

3.0 2 x
When you have patients like brown bears and wood bison, both of which have unpredictable and aggressive behavior, Dr. Oakley knows you always have to be on high alert. There's no room for error.

Equine E.R.

3.0 2 x
To refresh her education on this subject of equine medicine, Dr. Oakley is heading back to her alma mater to help one of the professors perform surgery on an injured horse, so she can better help her patients.

Unique Family Members

4.0 9 x
Whether it's a horse, pig or donkey, pets are loved by their owners - and Dr. Oakley will give her all to keep these pets happy and healthy.

Dr. Do-A-Lot

3.0 7 x
Dr. Oakley heads out into the field to work with some of the most iconic animals of the Yukon.

When Doctor Becomes Patient

3.0 5 x
After a full week of treating other people's pets, the tables turn when Dr. Oakley's dog, Daisy, needs an operation.
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