WITS Academy


It Must Be Magic

3.0 233 x
During the-end-of-term carnival, Ruby & Emily get trapped in the Dyad Tree. Andi teams up with the other Guardians & WITS to save them, the tree and the Magic Realm!

Cameron Rules

3.0 183 x
Cameron and Ruby get in over their heads when they try to get out of trouble with Agamemnon. Meanwhile Emily and Jessie must save Ethan as the rest of the student body prepares for the Magic Melee.

On Trial

3.0 155 x
Andi has to prove her innocence to Agamemnon. Meanwhile, the Dyad Tree starts withering away.

The Witch’s Bottle

3.0 162 x
While Jessie and Ben team up with Luke and his WITS to bring Andi back from exile, Ruby uses fake Andi to frame the real Andi for the Dyad tree crisis!

Wonky Andi

3.0 256 x
While Andi and Leo drift into the Bad Realm on a raft, Ruby creates a copy of Andi. The WITS start training for the final test: the Magic Melee!
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