World News Tonight Weekend

February 2018

World News 02/18/18: President Trump Blasts The FBI on Parkland School Shooting

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Survivors of the Parkland school shooting demand change; LeBron James responds to Fox News anchor's criticism

World News 02/17/18: Survivors Of The Parkland School Shooting Speak Out

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President Trump claims vindication after new indictments in Russia probe; Dancers competing near Parkland, Florida, honor shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg

World News Weekend 02/11/18: Plane Travelling from Moscow to Orsk in Russia Crashed

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Female teacher in Miami catholic school fired after marrying a woman; Brandt sisters playing hockey in Olympics for different countries

World News Weekend 02/10/18: Trump Calling for Due Process after Staffers Resigned in the Face of Domestic Abuse Allegation

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Israel shoots Iranian drone launched from Syria; The Mud Angels helping find memories after the massive mudslide in California

World News 02/04/18: New York Times: Nassar Abused at Least 40 Gymnasts While Being Investigated by the FBI

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Trump re-ignites his feud with NFL players protesting police brutality and racial inequality; Parents in Florida accused of soliciting donations after pretending their teen has brain cancer

Uma Thurman Speaks Out Against Harvey Weinstein to NY Times Columnist

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President Trump calls the newly released memo "vindication"; A family of Eagles fans surprise their father with tickets to the Super Bowl
January 2018

World News 01/28/18: 4 Dead After Shooting in Western Pennsylvania

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Piers Morgan interviewed President Trump; 22-year-old EMT Joseph Bitetto wears the same uniform of the man who saved his life

World News 01/27/18: At Least 95 Dead in Kabul Suicide Bombing

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Trump's first state of the union address comes amid Russia investigation; 4-year-old diagnosed with cancer receives letters of encouragement from people on Facebook

World News 01/21/18: The Government Shutdown Goes on to Day 2

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18 people were killed in a deadly attack at a Kabul intercontinental hotel; Amazon opens its first check-out free convenience store

Weekend World News 01/20/18: Government Shutdown Stalemate Turning into a Battle over Blame

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Hundreds of thousands of women march in major cities; Gym owner in North Carolina records women working out and attaches sexual innuendos