World News Tonight with David Muir


World News 08/15/17: Donald Trump's News Conference Spirals Out of Control

4.0 2 x
North Korea stands down from launching missiles near Guam; Chad Bettis returns to the mound

World News 08/14/17: Suspected Driver in Charlottesville Ramming Charged with Murder

4.0 3 x
FBI arrest suspect for allegedly trying to detonate a cargo van outside an Oklahoma bank; Great American eclipse is nearly here

World News 08/11/17: Trump Tweets Military Solutions Are 'Locked and Loaded'

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19 staff members fall sick in New Hampshire hospital; Going the extra mile for a missing bag

World News 08/10/17: Guam Could Be Next Target for North Korea's Missile Launch Plan

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Crucial deleted video revealed in court for Tim Piazza case; Cancer patient readies for final day of chemo

World News 08/09/17: North Korea responds to Trump's promise to unleash 'fire and fury' against any new threat

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Former Google engineer fired for anti-diversity memo stands by his words; Twin lottery jackpots worth more than $300M each
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