Yukon Gold

April 2014

Thirsty Beast

3.0 56 x
Ken pushes hard to close the season, but pump issues leave Guillaume hanging by a thread.


3.0 57 x
Ken and Dennis go for an emergency fuel run, but the snowy weather proves problematic.

Water Woes

3.0 127 x
Karl rushes to finish the season by sluicing pay dirt along the creek bank.
November 2013

Asleep at the Wheel

3.0 48 x
Working an all-nighter with the excavator, Matt makes a costly mistake on Moose Creek.
October 2013

Rock and a Hard Place

3.0 35 x
Bernie’s crew works in the cold as the season closes, when a rock stops them in their tracks.

Balancing With Bulldozer

3.0 37 x
Kyle and Karl attempt to fix the big rock truck using the blade of a bulldozer on Sulphur Creek.